About us


WE ARE A TEAM totally committed to bring you the best European baby formula available brands: Holle, Lebenswert and HiPP at a real budget friendly price.

About us


Our promise is to fulfill your order in a 48hrs timeframe and deliver with DHL shipping according to your needs.

About us


Our baby formulas and products do not contain any type of GMO ingredients, sugar, toxic chemicals, additives nor preservatives.

Meet our company

Eu strict organic regulations

Our baby formula milk farms strictly adhere to EU organic regulations and, moreover, made from 99% organically grown ingredients

Other important ingredients include organic vegetable oils which provide essential fatty acids for your baby. 

Organic starch and maltodextrin derived from corn make our formulas creamy and filling.

Holistic Approach

Biodynamic farmers use an organic approach that harnesses the holistic qualities of their growing cycles. 

Whether soil, seeds, plants, animals or humans – each element in the agricultural system has its own uniquely important role to play. Each element supports and strengthens the others and in doing so creates a farm that is a natural and self-contained living organism.

Global Change Commitment

BioBaby Market is participating in global climate protection with our brands Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert since our beginnigs back in 2015.

Our brands have been compensating for CO2e emissions generated during production of baby milk formula.

Lorena Andrade

CEO & Founder


Lorena, founder of, is a stay-at-home mom in Hamburg, has a BA in Business Administration and Msc in Marketing. When she was pregnant she began to gather information about regular and traditional formula ingredientes and found out it was just “impossible to feed a baby in that way!”.

She decided to go premium on her formula feeding journey with Organic Formula, but soon she found out she just couldn’t afford for it: “Premium Organic Formulas in the US are way too expensive!”, she says worried. So, tired of over spending month per month feeding her little baby Alex, she decided to travel personally to Germany searching for the best available prices on organic products!

In no time, and quite by accident, Lorena began selling to all her friends and family Organic baby formula at unbeatable prices in the US. In the spirit of sharing, today is created for a new generation of parents interested on the well-being of their babies and ready to start saving!

Lorena´s talented team has grown to include 11 employees in Germany, she spends her time helping other moms to make the best decision for their babies and also in a couple tea parties and afternoons in the park.